Why do Vancouver Canuck fans hate Dave Bolland? Well, that isn’t a hard question to answer at all.

As a fan base, us Canuck fans hate Dave Bolland because he is a rat. Yes, a rat, who seems to believe deep down, that picking on the Sedin twins, Daniel and Henrik, is fun.

Earlier this season, Bolland, the Chicago Blackhawks third-line center, went on a Chicago radio station and called the Sedin twins sisters. Really? Sisters? First of all, that particular chirp was coined by Canuck fans and has long since been retired. In fact, Mr. Bolland, it was retired by Canuck fans right around when the Sedin’s started to produce at a point-per-game pace, win Art Ross Trophies, win a Hart Trophy and win the Ted Lindsay award, as most valuable player in the league, as voted by the players. Canuck fans have long since come to the realization, save for a few boneheads, how lucky we are, to be able to witness the Sedin mastery with the puck night-in and night-out.

But Bolland didn’t stop at just calling the Sedin’s the sisters. He took it a step further, telling the hosts of the radio show that the Blackhawks wouldn’t let the Sedins on the team. Again, really? Really? Is Dave Bolland really telling us that if they could, the Chicago Blackhawks would turn down the opportunity to have the past two Art Ross Trophy winners play for them. I hate to disagree, but I think players such as, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa would kill for the opportunity to have those two play for the Hawks. Maybe Bolland wouldn’t want Sedins on the Hawks because then he’d probably be out of a job.

That in a nutshell, is why Canuck fans hate Dave Bolland. He is a classic needler and rat. The original rat Ken Linesman would be proud of Bolland’s work. Bolland tries to verbally bully two of the best and classiest players in the NHL. And he’s just another in a long line of people who try and label the Sedins as soft players.

Yet, there is a secret, more evil reason why Canucks fans hate Dave Bolland. A reason that every Canuck fan loathes and deep down knows is true.

Dave Bolland is hated by Canuck fans because he is good at his job, shutting the Sedins down.

I hate admitting that, as much as, the next Canuck fan does, but it’s true. Go back and examine the last three playoff series these teams have played against each other.

Over the last three postseasons the Canucks and Hawks have played 19 games.

In those 19 games, Daniel Sedin, has 8 goals, 8 assists for 16 points in those games. Henrik Sedin has 5 goals, 11 assists for 16 points in 19 games. The Sedin’s have averaged 0.84 points-per-game in 19 games against the Hawks in the last three playoff series.

The Blackhawks are 11-8 in those games, winning two series to the Canucks one. A pretty even match up.

But remember, Bolland didn’t play in the first three games of last season’s first round series.

So, take out the three games Bolland didn’t play in, and in the 16 playoff games that Bolland has played against Daniel and Henrik the stats are:

Daniel Sedin: 5 goals, 6 assists for 11 points

Henrik Sedin: 5 goals, 7 assists for 12 points

Not bad statistics, but consider that Bolland has never been a minus player over a series he’s played against Vancouver.

Bolland’s plus-minus stats:

2011: +6

2010: +2

2009: +3

Total: +11

Bolland is +11 playing against Vancouver’s two best players, and his team has gone 11-5 with him in the lineup. The last three years in the playoffs, they haven’t beaten the Canucks without Bolland. With Dave Bolland in the lineup the Hawks have a winning percentage of 0.6875. They win against the Canucks in the playoffs 70 per cent of the time when Bolland plays, and Vancouver nearly blew a 3-0 series lead last year, after Bolland returned after injury.

If the Canucks had won all three series, then Dave Bolland would barely register on Canuck fans radars.

But his team wins, and he’s effective as a player.

And that is why Canuck fans hate Dave Bolland.